Don’t fancy being tied down to one place? Roam free in one of our VW camper vans

Who we are?

Camper Van Holiday Hire based in Manchester

At VW Camper Hire, we live and breathe camping.

We all look forward to holidays, time to relax, see new places, and do anything that’s not work.

But booking where to say, travelling and being tied down to one place can sometimes take the fun out of your holiday. With a VW Camper Van however, your holiday starts as soon as you pull out of your drive! Stay where you want, go where you want and get off the beaten path to explore the unknown!

Open Up The Possibilities

With no restrictions on where you can go, our camper vans open up a wealth of new holiday destinations, all to be explored in the same trip.

Travel when you want, where you want in the UK and across Europe.

Combine the best elements of a road trip and camping holiday by putting them together with a VW Camper Van.

And having your travel and accommodation all in one place means you don’t have to worry about luggage limits or whether everything will fit on your back.

All you have to worry about is when to stop your adventure!

Bad Weather? No Problem

Being outdoors and camping is great…when the weathers on your side. 

Lets be honest, weather in the UK can be unpredictable but as keen campers ourselves we know that won’t put you off a staycation.

Whatever the weather, with one of our VW Camper Van holidays, it doesn’t matter.

No need to worry about the rain when you don’t need to setup a tent.

If a cold snap hits, it’s not an issue with our built in diesel heaters.

Is it too wet and windy for the camp stove? Retreat inside and make use of our vans built in kitchen.

our Happy Customers

VW Camping; it’s a lifestyle.

VW camper van overlooking a valley with overhead sleeping space extended up

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Check out some of our top recommendations.

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