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Forget struggling in a little tent, enjoy festivals in style

Who we are?

VW Camper Hire

At VW Camper Hire, we live and breathe camping.

Festivals are amazing, whether you’re keeping it local in the UK or making it part of a road trip across Europe.

The music, people, partying under the stars, and just generally being outdoors.

You know what isn’t great about festivals? Lugging all your gear on public transport for hours or having to unload your car a stomp away from the camp site.

Enjoy your festival in style

With a VW camper, you don’t have to worry about lugging your stuff to the camp site, because you’re driving in your stuff. Setup time is also really easy as the van is built to be lived in on the go. This just leaves you to find your space and go do what you actually came to do.

Our VW Camper van provides you with a selection of home comforts on the move (There aren’t many tents you can charge your phone in). You can find out more details of these on our VW Vans Spec page.

All that is really left to think about is which Festival you’re going to and checking our availability

Bad Weather? No Problem

Being outdoors is awesome…when the weathers on your side. 

Whatever the weather is doesn’t matter when you’re in a camper van.

No need to worry too much about the rain when your setup is minimised.

Has it turned out it’s really cold that weekend? Not an issue with our built in diesel heaters.

Is the camp stove not holding up the unexpected gusts? The vans got its own kitchen away from that frustrating wind.

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VW Camping; it’s a lifestyle.

VW camper van overlooking a valley with overhead sleeping space extended up

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